Orange Wu

PFD Shanghai LTD
Interior Designer

Respect for natural and simple design. Design, culture, color and architecture and indoor environment combine to make the space functional fit, pleasing. Reprocessing art, a variety of materials to be used, so that the building has a three-dimensional nature of space, it has beauty, but not so as to achieve Pak Su, China does not overflow, elegant and impressive architecture to meet user and use of space qualities.



Sina household sanitary ware BonBon design exhibition;


Yongfeng Tiandi Marketing Center, Ningbo;

Federation of female designers logo design;

Chictoo suitcase crossover design;

Guangzhou design week Pandomo exhibition hall design;

Room design of temple building, Hong Kong;

PFD crossover logo design;

Dianshan lake villa design, Suzhou;

Jinjihu ferris wheel mall design, Suzhou;

Tianyang shangyu sales office model room design, Shaoxing;

Design of luxury family residence exhibition hall;

Citic Pacific minhang hairong mall project design, Shanghai;

Lixing plaza interior commercial design bidding stage, Hangzhou;

Design of no.1 wharf shopping mall in guiyang city;

Rich Mouse design of the year of the rat;