Patrick C.W.Fong

Patrick Fong graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design, complete interior design and industrial design Bachelor courses with honors.

He engaged in interior architectural design work for 40 years, is the industry's senior designer, is especially good at handling large design projects, works throughout the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia. The completion of the project over 1000, which is designed to get the results of a wide range of people outside the industry appreciated.

In the remainder of the design, Patrick Fong actively as an educator, has taught at various universities to teach his own design ideas and experience to help young people who love design.

PFD+, founded by Patrick Fong. Earlier he founded Patrick Fong design company in Hong Kong, after the domestic market with the development and promotion of the brand, he set up  company both in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

PFD+ This design brand, aimed at designing a more modern society to meet the needs of good works, hoping his accomplishments in art and design on the transfer to the general design enthusiasts.

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  • PFD+…Director

    Patrick Fong Design Ltd Hong Kong…Director

    Professor of The China Academy of Fine Art

    Professor of The Souzhou University

    Professor (Special Program) The Tsing Hua University

    Interior Design Association (H.K.)…Chairman (93-95)

    The China Hotel Association…Committee Member

    Hong Kong Designer Association…Committee Member

    Chartered Society of Designer (U.K.)…Professional Member

    International Federation of Interior Architect…Professional Member

    International Interior Designer Association (U.S.A.)…Professional Member

  • 1999, Hong Kong Trade Development Council  "services (design) award."

    2000, won the "outstanding artistic and British Designer Award"

    2003, American Hardwood Export Council appointed as "Asia Design Consultants"

    2004, by the China Academy of Arts appointed "Distinguished Professor"

    2005, by the China Academy of Arts of Tsinghua University hired as senior interior design research class "thematic special lecturer"

    2005, established the " Most Original Design Award- Patrick Fong "

    2008, by the China Interior Decoration Association awarded the  "China Interior Design Excellence Award"

    2008, by the Soochow University appointed "Adjunct Professor"

    2013, by Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong appointed as " Executive Committee member "

    2014, was appointed by Donghua University as "Adjunct Professor"

    Repeatedly as the judge of "China Housing Design Award for fashion people"

    2015, by the China Federation of Industry and Commerce of Furniture Industry Association Designers Council named as "Chinese design appoint mentor"

    2019, The 7th Art Exhibition of China Building Decoration Association Design Committee appointed as "Expert"

  • Enjoy life, enjoy design.

    Back to Basics. 

    Pursuing perfection.

    Design is emotional.

    We do not design appearance, we design experience.

  • He is the Menzel, Beethoven in the eyes of others, always immersed in his design creations, others marveled at his exuberant energy. Time accumulated for decades, but could not suppress his curiosity about the world and the impulse, the more aroused actually the cause of their self-confidence and enthusiasm, dedication and the pursuit of art and design. Every design meeting did not let him tired, full itinerary and a long flight but also to share ideas on the way; still in the trial plan and manuscript painting when back home in the morning. 

    Outside of work and the continuation of his "post-Dada" style inspiration, he had a smile for himself to do a painting exhibition. Although he can not relax a moment, he is still comfortable and contented fun, it was his portrayal of everyday life.

    He was called the "Fang Sheng" dragging a long tail with habits of Hong Kong people during the designer community, on behalf of a respect for the gentleman, he was known as "the most in style designer".  His dress can be compared with trendsetter, he said, imagine a designer who create a living work of "space" for others if he do not understand what is fashionable, what is classic and what is life. How can he create for others "enjoy" space?

    He is a dedicated perfectionist, looking for the perfect thing all his life. He is also a sentimental man, he sometimes moved to tears to see the time a piece of wood of the growth rings. He said the most perfect space tend to be simple, comfortable, casual. Simplicity is the "simple life and humanity", simple but well. He believes that every designer should use "heart" to do the design because it is the source of emotional, designer should always be perceptual with a combination of space and the use of each material.

    Past Achievements and honor is enough for him, "contented" , leisure comfortable, leisurely survive. Faced with this argument, but he responded with a smile: "Enjoy life, enjoy design". He said he loved life, he loved life and never split design. Life gives unlimited design inspiration, designed to give back to him for a richer life experience and perspective. He believes he is not the lack of happiness, but have even more than the others. Thus, in his eyes, all his efforts and creation, have extraordinary significance: These hidden in the design of the joys of life, by drawing a picture, become a visual reality. He enjoys this process for his own fun widely shared - The honor, which makes his design concept more valuable, more humane, more immortal!

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    The Art of Glass

    Timber and It’s Stories

    Space, Dimension and Time


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  • 1975 - graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design

    1980-1982 - taught at the Hong Kong University

    1983-1986 - taught at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    1993 - Mr. Fang was elected chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association, succeed in setting up "Hong Kong Design Centre" office with Hong Kong Government.

    Since 1997 - Founded the Hong Kong Patrick Fong Design Company.

    1999-2001 - served as the Hong Kong Polytechnic school exam jury

    1999 - invited by the Hong Kong Government to represent Hong Kong to promote Hong Kong design services in the country for the first time.

    The same year awarded Services (design) award by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

    2002-2004 - Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Bachelor consultants Bianchi

    (Mr. Fong has taught at the Hong Kong University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.)

    Since 2003 - as the American Hardwood Export Council Asia Design Consultants

    Since 2004 - By the China Academy of Fine Arts, Soochow University and Donghua University invited as Distinguished Professor. Regularly lecture at Tsinghua University

    Since 2005 - to promote China's innovative young designers to establish " Most Original Design Award- Patrick Fong "

    Since 2011 - Founded Patrick Fong Design (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

    Since 2015 - Founded Patrick Fong Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.