We believe that only though the systematic management,
can ideas of projects be faithfully revealed.

We have top designers from Italy, America, Singapore and other countries, and we provide full architecture design and interior & landscape design, which include project planning, feasibility analysis, marketing, hotel and shopping mall management, schematic design, light design, project management and other professional services.
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    We lay emphasize on blending the best of East cultures. In project managing, we use western methods to integrate ideas and management. To advance project, we adopt the 5-step method popular in America:
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    At early stage of the project, we provide systematic researches to position every project and adopt advanced managing methods to explore originalities and make them come true.

    We believe that only though systematic management including project flow, design development, architecture drawing, cost estimate, construction management, and effect control in construction stage, can ideas of projects be faithfully revealed.


To coordinate with different types of projects, we have set up a two-group department for special designs. One group focuses on serving large public projects like shopping malls, office buildings and public facilities. The other concentrates on projects emphasizing decorations like model units, clubs, hotels and service flats.

In our resource management department, professional information-managing personnel are in charge of collecting the newest global tendency in design, high and new-technology and information of building materials. They not only adopt perfect materials and the most advanced technology to coordinate with the excellent designs of our company, but also provide layouts of soft decoration, for example, furniture, cloth art and artwork display as well. Through channels of worldwide partners and suppliers, they are working hard to lift our cases to the international level.