In our minds, every project is special. So we take every project as a new challenge, a new thinking and new arrangement. Every project finished by us will be full of fashion, and in every project, spirit and space will be in complete harmony.

Design is art. Having clients’ specific needs in mind, we rearrange every element of interior space based on designers’ spirit, to strike their strongest responsive chord. We bring a new life to every space, making it not just as a “mechanical” space for daily life, and passion will be aroused by our designs. Through the interconnections among space arrangement, lighting design, color and texture, we hope to ore sent to you a complete new experience of every space, shape your minds and make you communicate with the space. Thus, you tastes of life style will be elevated.

When doing every project, we will never be a slave to the trend. We believe trend is something that makes us fear to move forward. Our designers will make full use of mature thinking to go beyond the trend, making every project ahead of time.

--Interior Design Construction, 2003 (03),PP.87-89; Author: Patrick Fong



We excel in expanding the political influence of projects and increasing investment return. Our projects can be found in America, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia, including big shopping malls, office buildings, service apartments, hotels and show flats.

As we have original ideas about consumer psychology and shopping mall styles, we are expert in designing big projects, and we have successfully designed all types of shopping centers. By successfully blending interior-design, image and service promotion strategies, our designs are in harmony with enterprise images of our clients.