PFD+ Exhibiton

Splurge? Spree? Stretched out?




Design is to regenerate, not to kill.

PFD+ architecture crossover to PFD+ exhibition.


PD Deyou. Debiao engineering guangzhou design booth 2018

Consider environmental protection, the cost of building and dismantling materials

We believe in the principle of folding, redeveloping and changing, and it makes a lot of sense.

1. Source of inspiration


Inspiration comes from the classical screen of ancient China, classical screen is displayed in indoor conspicuous position commonly,

have the effect such as space, beautification, wind shield, harmonious.

This booth design gist is the design is to want to regenerate and no longer is to kill "living", so we do originality on classical screen idea.

2. Design process

Integrated the advantages of Chinese classical screen, more suitable for the use of the booth.

Convenient, detachable, movable, can be used with different spatial scenes.

3. Color texture

"Screen" shows panDOMO's three techniques of uniformity, smoothness and texture,

with five groups of six colors. Another group shows the solution of PD deyou system,

which can make the product information more simple, clear and intuitive.

Can't wait to see the booth of PD Deyou. debiao project?

Then follow the small make up step into our PD Deyou. debiao engineering guangzhou design booth 2018.

4. Presentation of works

The exhibition attracted designers, architects, developers, media and owners of the visit.

Visitors think that the PFD display design of PD deyu debiao color and mechanism in the form of "screen",

which has successfully separated the rigid space, the jumping color makes the space vivid and interesting,

and makes visitors understand the products of PD deyu debiao project.

PD deyou. debiao engineering co., LTD is a famous high-end series of Germany adis group,

based on the domestic and foreign architects,

interior designers and high-end owners to provide comprehensive architectural decoration system solutions.